Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Schwinn 434

This was a cool story. I had bought this Schwinn 434 road bike for parts but decided to pass it on. The guy who picked it up told he had road across the United States last summer on a bike from REI. He said he took the bike back after the ride so that is why he wanted this one. What was cool is that he sent me a picture of the bike after he had fixed it up. What a nice job he did. It seems like leather Brooks saddles are in style right now for road bikes. One thing with this bike is that the seat post tightened with a screw in the post its self. I guess there a lot of 434 out there with missing seat post and that make the bike kind of useless.

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  1. Hey Phil! This is Cole, the guy who bought this bike from you. I have put some more work into the bike and still love it and ride it everyday. If you'd like some photos of the new fixes, let me know what email to send them too. Thanks!