Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nishiki Seral Cafe Road Bike

I bought this Nishiki 12 speed road bike two weekends ago. That weekend was a good weekend for bikes. I bought a total of 6 bikes that weekend. A Columbia woman's 5 speed, a Phillips woman's internal 3 speed, this Nishiki, 2 Specialized Rockhoppers, and one Nashbar branded 12 speed. The cool thing is all of the bike were sizes that I could ride.
Anyway, this Nishiki was a project for me. I have aways been hesitant to work on my own bikes. My father was a mechanic but I did not seem to acquire some of the same skills. I was able to put in a new handle bar stem, straight handle bars, new brake cables, new tubes and tires. I think it turned pretty cool looking. I love riding it around.

A before pictures of the Nishiki. The Nashbar brand black road bike next to it.

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