Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bicycle Headbadge Walking Stick

A few years ago I was a leader at a scout camp. Many of the other leaders had walking sticks which they decorated and sense then I wanted one. We went to visit some friends who moved to Maryland and next to there house there was an wooded lot. I walked through it and I found a very light weight stick that I though would make a good walking stick. It was longer and it had a cool hook to the thicker end but I cut it off because it made me look like Moses. I then found a couple of old beat up bicycle at tag sales. The first was a BSA women's bike that had been left out side and in disrepair. I bought it for $2 pretty much just for the head badge. The Raleigh head badge I got off of a really beat up women's bike. I gave a friend the bike. Those two were the first and on there a long time alone. Then I added the Joshua Tree badge from a trip out to the national park, the Nishiki badge is from a mountain bike my Dad had sitting out side, the Schwinn is off my Mom's red Varsity which used to mint but my Dad left it out side, the Panasonic is off a women's 10 speed, the Puch badge is off a huge frame Puch, the green badge is from a Los Angles bicycle race in 1967 and the La Salle badge is one I bought from Dave (former owner of Pedal Pushing and Ye Old Bike Shoppe) and the Columbia badges is off a men's bike that I had for a short while, too big for me. Anyway, I thought this was a good way to display them.

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