Sunday, July 4, 2010

Yesterday my family and I took a day trip to Boston and Cambridge Massachusetts. It was a great day. We saw the USS Constitution, Bunker Hill and its Monument, had a nice lunch and I got to see Old Roads bike shop in Cambridge. I expected the shop to have more bicycle as they said on there website they have about 100 on the floor which I didn't think they had that many. I went looking for a men British 3 speed but they only had one and I did not want to pay as much as they were asking. It was fun looking around though and the staff was nice. They were really busy with customers. I did find bin that had a few head badges in it.

I bought two head badges at Old Roads. I saw a Robin Hood head badge on ebay before so when I saw this one at the shop I was excited. The Fleet Wing head badge reminded me of a bicycle I had a few years ago. It was a beautiful Fleet Wing that was a light metallic green, chrome fenders, chrome rack and it was just an over all beautiful bike but of course it was a women's model. So that was a cool head badged to get. I also bought a walking stick badge at the USS Constitution.

Love these bike post locking stations. Bikes all over the place in Boston and Cambridge.

A pair of pearl pink road bikes locked up together out side in Cambridge. I love the wheels on the bike in the back.

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